A La Carte Services

While we specialize in large, custom projects, we have seen a need for more routine monthly work and smaller, one-off projects. With that in mind, we are now offering a monthly service and a one-off project service (own Jeremy for a week)!

Monthly Retainer

Hiring a dedicated creative director or full-stack developer can be expensive, and it may not be the right move to expand your small team (or team of one) with a specialist right now. If you have a backlog of items that you want to work through over time, or you need an expert to help you build a backlog and work through them, I offer monthly retainers that include consulting each month on what should be worked on, monthly reports on what I've done, and one day each month dedicated solely to development, consulting, or creative direction for your problems.

With a full day dedicated each month, here are some of the things that I've accomplished as part of a retainer:

I keep the pricing simple, and I remove any project management overhead on your end with no hours to track and no need for weekly update meetings. For one monthly fee, I become an extension of your current team and dedicate myself to solving your problems


“You are easy to work with, Jeremy. You do not get overly excited and do a nice job of staying in control. I have always been able to reach you when I needed to speak about our progress and new projects. Thanks again for all of your help!”
— Mike Jung II, Old World Stoneworks

“Jeremy always clearly set expectations before during and after the mini-projects that we did on retainer, and I always felt like he was a good steward of the money we spent.”
— Walter Cox, Positive Life Radio

Let’s get started!

We currently have 4 slots available. If you’re interested in starting a monthly partnership or have questions, just let us know a little about you and we’ll be in touch to see if we’re a good fit for your needs!

Buy Jeremy for a Week

Do you have a small project that just needs to get finished? Have a backlog of little bugs just waiting for a developer? Or do you want a full week of consulting? Well, you can buy me (Jeremy) for one week.

What Does It Cover?

Any work you want me to do remotely. I can do consulting, design, or development or a mixture of all three. You have my time for one consecutive week, Monday-Friday, and you will be my only focus.

What can we do in a week?

We can’t create a website or app from scratch, but we can do a lot:

So, is this your weekly rate?

No. I (personally) don’t have a weekly rate, and Craft+Story does not traditionally price our projects by the week. This is a service specifically designed for one-off projects or training/consulting.

What about larger projects? Can we string a month’s worth of these together in a row?

For larger projects, I’d recommend you contact us and we can get together to talk about a custom, value-priced solution. For anything over a week, our standard process for large projects is a much better fit.

Is this deal always available?

No. We obviously need to schedule this at least a week in advance, and you may not be able to buy me for a week depending on the current workload. If you want to secure a week of Jeremy, you probably need to contact us sooner than later.

Is this one week on-site?

This is specifically designed as a remote service, and I’ve seen great success doing everything from development to staff training remotely. That being said, if you think you need some time on-site, don’t be afraid to reach out. It doesn’t hurt to ask, and we can normally work something out (especially if you’re in a non-Texas climate).

Let’s get started!

We currently do have weeks available. If you’re interested in knowing when Jeremy is available for a week or have questions, just let us know a little about you and we’ll be in touch to see if we’re a good fit for your needs!

Bigger Projects

Have a bigger project like a relaunch or new website or product? These probably aren’t the right fit, but our traditional, tailored process might be perfect for you. Fill out our handy little form for more information!


Shoot us an email at hello@craftandstory.com. We love answering questions!