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We build tailored solutions for brave clients. We specialize in projects with big goals (relaunch, new product, new direction) and small teams. See our featured projects and core values for more information. Contact us about your next project!

A La Carte Services

Have a smaller goal in mind or need some monthly help with maintenance? We're starting to offer one-off projects and monthly services! Find out more about our new services here.


  • Complete Design & Development
  • Custom Web Apps
  • TYPO3 Integrations
  • e-Commerce Solutions


  • Mobile-Optimized Design & Development
  • Responsive Sites
  • iPhone/iPad Apps


  • Web/Digital Consulting
  • Workflow Consulting
  • Creative Direction
  • Copywriting

Featured Projects

Core Values

  • We like being small. We believe there are big advantages to staying small. We move quicker, adapt faster, and every client relationship is personal.
  • We specialize in helping small teams. We don’t know much about large corporations with huge resources, but we know alot about running important sites with a handful of people and shrinking budgets. Our goal is always to help clients be more effective with what they have instead of worrying about their resources.
  • We don’t specialize in tools. We’ve built websites in a dozen systems and languages. We’ve built mobile apps using Apple’s toolkit and the newest cross-platform frameworks. What’s always been consistent is a passion for problem-solving and a core understanding of best practices.
  • We want to be effective, not efficient. We are not a factory, and we don’t churn out templates. We work with a small number of clients each year, and we spend plenty of time in discovery and design finding the best (not the fastest or easiest) solutions.
  • We deliver the right solution, not multiple options. We don’t believe that more options is automatically better for the client. Internally, we will explore lots of ideas, but we only deliver the best solution to the client.
  • We make tailored solutions. We don’t re-sell templates to our clients. We specialize in custom development to meet the goals whether that means modifying existing solutions, building plugins, or creating apps from the ground up.
  • We build systems, not just sites. A good website will look great on launch day, but the systems (style guides, custom modules, project management, etc.) are what makes it sustainable. We make sure to deliver both.
  • We price based on value. We don’t have a rate card, and we don’t price based on estimated hours. Instead of haggling over hours, we’d rather align with what’s best for the client and us: maximize value in the results.
  • We aren’t cheap. There are no shortcuts to the right solution. We choose to spend our time with clients who care more about long-term results than short-term discounts.
  • We build things to live beyond our involvement. Everything we do is made to run and grow long after we’re gone. We make understandable systems for our clients because we don’t expect them to need us after we’re done.

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About Us


After working in-house for ministries and small companies for over a decade, I created Craft+Story as an independent studio to build websites and apps that could be managed by small, internal teams (or just one person). I believe that there’s a moment when a lot of us outgrow the simple Wordpress template we bought online, but we’re afraid to bring in a whole team of experts that might just build a crazy, powerful solution that can only be updated by them (or a much larger internal team).

At Craft+Story, we build tailored solutions for your small team. Like everybody else, we’ll work with you, ask a lot of questions, and deliver a finished product. Unlike a lot of studios, though, we’re going to spend most of our time working with you to build systems (content strategies, project management, and more), tailoring the CMS (content management system) for your needs with custom content elements and backend systems, and then showing you how to run it. After we launch, we can hold your hands for as long as you need, but we’ll prepare you to fly solo. With your new systems in place, you can run everything yourself or bring in your own experts; and you’ll never have to worry about paying a studio to update your content or manage your site.

If you’re wondering, Craft+Story is me (Jeremy) and a cadre of specialists that I bring in for different projects. I don’t outsource any of Craft+Story’s projects to hidden contractors, but I do pull together different teams for different needs. You’ll get to meet anyone working on your project (in fact, that’s basically required). If you want to know more about me, for some reason, you can check out my personal blog or the book I wrote about customizing one of my favorite CMS solutions called TYPO3 Templates.

If you’re a small business or ministry looking to get the most out of the web, get in touch with us!

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We take on a handful of new clients each year for custom development or consulting, but we also offer monthly retainers or “one-off” services. If you'd like to work with us, please fill out the handy form below or just send an email to

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